Is Indian roofed turtle legal Pet in India ?


Introduction to the Indian Roofed Turtle

Hey there, you green-thumbs! Are you enthralled by India’s distinctive and varied wildlife? If so, you should certainly find out more about the intriguing and critically endangered Indian roofed turtle.

Let’s start by discussing what makes the Indian roofed tortoise unique. The distinctive roof-shaped carapace that covers this turtle’s midsection earned it the nickname “Indian tent turtle.” The shell can reach a length of 20 centimetres and is usually brown or black with lighter markings. The Indian roofed turtle, which can adjust to a wide range of environmental circumstances, can be found in freshwater environments all over India. Indian Roofed Turtle

Explanation of the current status of Indian roofed turtles in India

Unfortunately, there are significant dangers to the Indian roofed turtle as well. Due to its distinctive look and cultural importance, it is highly sought-after in the illegal wildlife trade, just like many other turtle species. Due to the destruction of many of its native habitats by urbanisation and farmland, habitat loss and degradation are also significant risks to this species. Is Indian roofed turtle is legal in India

Overview of Indian Wildlife Protection Laws

Wildlife Protection Act, 1972

The fauna Protection Act, 1972 is a piece of Indian law that was passed by the Indian Parliament to safeguard the nation’s fauna and its ecosystems. Due to various human activities, including shooting, poaching, deforestation, and the illicit traffic in wildlife and its derivatives, there has been a worrisome drop in the population of wildlife and in the habitats in which they live. This has prompted the introduction of the act. Is Indian roofed turtle is legal in India

Schedule of endangered Species

Schedule 1 of Species :

Species that are critically imperilled and in need of urgent protection are listed in Schedule I of the Wildlife Protection Act. They consist of tigers, lions, rhinos, rhinoceroses from India, pangolins from India, clouded leopards, snow leopards, and various monkeys. It is illegal to hunt or sell any portion of these creatures, and even possessing their bodily parts without authorization is punishable by law. Is Indian roofed turtle is legal in India

Schedule 2 of Species :

In contrast, Schedule II species need protection to guarantee their long-term existence even though they are not as endangered as Schedule I species. Among them are leopards, different deer types, numerous bird species, snakes, and frogs. Although it is illegal to hunt or trade these creatures, certain restricted hunting and trading may be permitted under certain conditions and with the right permits. Is Indian roofed turtle is legal in India

Legal Status of Indian Roofed Turtles

The Wildlife Protection Act of 1972 in India lists the Indian roofed turtle (Pangshura tecta) as a Schedule I species. This means that any form of hunting, poaching, or commerce in this turtle’s parts is highly forbidden, and even possessing its bodily parts without authorization is illegal.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has added the Indian roofed turtle to its list of vulnerable species as a result of habitat loss, overfishing, and pollution. Additionally, it is prohibited from being traded internationally under Appendix I of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), which is a catalogue of endangered species. Is Indian roofed turtle is legal in India

The Indian government and numerous protection organisations are working to safeguard the Indian roofed turtle and its environment. These initiatives include setting up protected regions, carrying out study and monitoring, and educating the public about the value of protecting this species. Is Indian roofed turtle is legal in India


Threats to Indian Roofed Turtles

The Indian roofed turtle (Pangshura tecta) is threatened by a number of factors, with habitat decline, overfishing, and pollution being the main causes.

The wetlands, ponds, and waterways where this species resides are being killed or degraded as a result of human activities like urbanization, agricultural growth, and dam building. Habitat loss is a serious danger to this species. Given that the turtle depends on these watery environments for eating, mating, and nesting, this ecosystem loss could result in a decrease in the turtle’s population. Is Indian roofed turtle is legal in India

The Indian roofed turtle faces serious threats from overharvesting for sustenance and the pet trade. For sustenance, traditional medicine, and the pet trade, turtles are frequently taken from the wild, which can cause serious population decreases. Because so many of these tortoises perish in transit or in confinement, the population may become permanently damaged if more are taken from their natural habitat.

Another major danger to the Indian roofed turtle is pollution. Turtles and their prey can be harmed by pesticides, industrial chemicals, and waste release into aquatic bodies, which can cause population decreases. As turtles may confuse plastic waste for food or become tangled in abandoned fishing nets and other detritus, plastic pollution is another issue that is becoming more and more of a worry. Is Indian roofed turtle is legal in India

Conservation Efforts for Indian Roofed Turtles




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