What is Mental Harassment ?


What is Mental Harassment ?

What is Mental Harassment ? Answer to this question is very subjective . From the ages there is an existence of hierarchy at every level of society .

Where people gathers the hierarchy comes in to existence automatically . Hierarchy on the bases of Age , Physical strength , in modern world the economic strength and lot more factors you can assume .

In earlier time the people existing at the upper level of hierarchy, they tend to abuse people physically .

But the Unification of people at lower level of hierarchy revolted . There was so Chaos in the society . Thus there came some basic rules to avoid the Physical Abuse of People .

Later on those Rules evolved as Law of the ideal Society . In Ideal Society the Individual Rights and Individual autonomy become very important .

The Individual Right gives the Person a Sense of Security . The Sense of Security at Individual level helps in functionality of Ideal Society .

But we can’t stop the formation of hierarchy in the society . It is obvious where people get together the hierarchy comes in to existence automatically .

In current society the law of land never permit the physical abuse of a person . So the transition of abuse from Physical to Mental is Known as Mental Harassment .

Physical abuse is an Overt act , can be identified and be punished by the Legal System easily . Mental abuse can’t be seen and identified easily hence the legal system get caught in the Loop .

But as the modern Legal system evolving to tackle this mental Harassment , the surrounding circumstances are examined and if they point out toward any mental abuse .

Hence , it is possible to tackle and eliminate the Mental Harassment .

Now days the mental Harassment have many dimension and type . People are getting mentally harassed in families , Office and workplaces are the most visible areas .

Children are facing the harassment issues in Schools and Colleges .

Exploring Areas of Mental Abuse ?

  • Mental Harassment at Workplace .
  • Mental Abuse in Family .
  • Mental Harassment in Local place of residing .

Mental Harassment at Workplace .

Identification of Workplace Harassment is :

  • Employee or group of employees feel threatened or get belittled by their Colleagues .
  • Employee or group of employees feel threatened or get belittled by their Employer .

In workplace abuse victim feel unsafe and Uncomfortable .

In Case of Employer  ” Master servant relation ” is one of the key area where the mental abuse so common . Master tend to expect maximum growth and profits.

On the personal level master don’t have so much concern about the personal liberty of servant . But the law become barrier to check the exploitation of Servant .

Apart from professional goals the employer also abuse the employee to drive out personal benefit . In the latter category the women are the most getting suffered . Even the Men too get personally exploited but the number is low.

In case of  Colleagues 

Mental Abuse in Family .

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Mental Harassment in Local place of residing .



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