What trademarks does Taylor swift own ?


What trademarks does taylor swift own ?

You might be interested to know which trademarks music icon Taylor Swift possesses if you’re a fan. In addition to creating a brand around her music and persona as a highly successful musician, Swift has registered numerous copyrights in order to safeguard her intellectual property. What trademarks does taylor swift own ?

Some of Taylor Swift’s hallmarks include lines from her songs, such as “This Sick Beat” and “Party Like It’s 1989,” among others. She has copyrights for the words “Speak Now,” “Red,” and “1989” as well as the names of her songs. Swift has also trademarked her name for a number of products and services, including audio albums, apparel, and jewellery.

Swift’s catchphrase, “Swifties,” is among her most well-known nicknames. The phrase, which describes her dedicated following, has come to be associated with Swift and her songs. The terms “Swiftlife” and “Swiftgram,” which are associated with her official fan group and social media profiles, have also been registered by her. What trademarks does taylor swift own ?

Swift has used trademarks strategically to build her image and generate more income, as well as to secure her intellectual property. She has granted permission for her brands to be used, for instance, on apparel and items sold at performances and through her official web shop. What trademarks does taylor swift own ?

In summation, Taylor Swift is the owner of numerous trademarks that are connected to her music, business, and image. She has taken action to safeguard her intellectual property and increase her income sources through licencing and selling as a successful artist and businesswoman. You can admire Swift’s shrewd business sense and devotion to her art as a fan. What trademarks does taylor swift own ?


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